September 2016 will see Kathmandu officially make its stamp on the global Maker Movement with the arrival of the inaugural Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire (KMMF) where the very best in Nepali innovation and entrepreneurship will be showcased alongside selected international partners.

Organised by Nepal Communitere, and in partnership with the US Embassy and World Vision, the faire will act as a forum to highlight the leverage of the Maker and DIY movement - specifically with a unique focus on humanitarian and other needs-based innovation.

Camera/Edit: Sabrina Dallot-Seguro
Camera Assistant: Brian Weiner

-- MUSIC --
Track: 'Godhuli' written, composed and performed by: Shreeti Pradhan. Arranged and performed by: Ashesh Rai and Kishan Shrestha (Baaja), Pranav Narayan Manandhar
Recording and sound: Pranava Narayan Manandhar
Edit: Mark Hermida

-- WITH THANKS TO -- Coffee, Thimi Ceramics, Robotics Association of Nepal, Nepal Communitere