My job is to tell stories. I take ideas and transform them into something eye-catching, beautiful, sexy, amusing, or otherwise affecting. Images have a language and I am led eyes-first to coax narratives out of them. I do this by working with brands and production companies to represent their services through photography, online editorial and social media. 

My photographs help define a brand aesthetic and bring out the personality and emotion of the people behind the brand: through my lens I aim to bring people to brands and brands to people.

I spend time with my clients, developing PR and marketing strategies that are largely image-led. I personalise each project– interviewing my subject to research the ethos and intention behind their service, so we can build a strong brand message together that will lead their online presence.

I’m an artistic chameleon and fill many different roles. What is consistent is my focus on craftsmanship– seeing the product through from start to finish. I have a flair for editing, styling, trend spotting and identifying the talent in others. I’m great at hunting down inspiring, exciting people to work with to create something new, unique and curious.

I like to ask questions, turn traditional services on their head and challenge people to think differently about what they're seeing. Images are a powerful means of communication and, through them, I want to put a face to a service to draw audiences to the ethos behind my client’s work, and to represent them in a fresh and contemporary light.

I don’t believe in over-sharing. Everything we do should provoke, excite and take us over the edge and into the unknown. If it does it through beautiful images– so much the better! 

I'm a British-born half-Portuguese travel and lifestyle photographer, writer, editor and branding consultant. After my first two years in London and with British Vogue and D&AD already under my belt, I now work primarily as a freelance advertorial and editorial photographer. Some of my clients include Time Out, ES Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elle Decoration, Vans, Red Bull, Oddbins, Octopus Publishing and Secret Garden Party. I'm also the founder of Field Guide, an online journal for festival life and style.