My job is to tell stories. I take ideas and transform them into something eye-catching, beautiful, sexy, amusing, or otherwise affecting. Images have a language and I am led eyes-first to coax narratives out of them. I do this by working with brands and production companies to represent their services through photography, online editorial and social media. 

My photographs help define a brand aesthetic and bring out the personality and emotion of the people behind the brand: through my lens I aim to bring people to brands and brands to people.

I spend time with my clients, developing PR and marketing strategies that are largely image-led. I personalise each project, so we can build a strong brand message together that will lead the brand's online presence.

I like to ask questions, turn traditional services on their head and challenge people to think differently about what they're seeing. Images are a powerful means of communication and, through them, I want to put a face to a service to draw audiences to the ethos behind my client’s work, and to represent them in a fresh and contemporary light.

I don’t believe in over-sharing. Everything we do should provoke, excite and take us over the edge and into the unknown. If it does it through beautiful images– so much the better! 

I'm a British-born half-Portuguese travel and lifestyle photographer, writer, editor and branding consultant. After my first two years in London and with British Vogue and D&AD already under my belt, I now work primarily as a freelance advertorial and editorial photographer. Some of my clients include Time Out, ES Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elle Decoration, Vans, Red Bull, Oddbins, Octopus Publishing and Wilderness Festival.